Surveys with Integrated Data for High Context

Seamlessly integrate value-added metadata to have the context needed to deliver the best outcomes for your customers and your business.

Artificial Intelligence and Big Data

Analyze and react to a high volume of user feedback with our Natural Language Processing Sentiment Analysis capabilities

Stakeholder Engagement

CX Index ensures the right data gets to the right person with appropriate access controls all inside the Five9 Environment

Social Advocate™

Social Advocate™ automates the process of having your satisfied customers advocate and enhance your brand reputation, improving SEO and increasing sales

Designed to deliver the best outcomes for you and your customers
CX Index™

CX Index™ has created 4 pillars of success to ensure you get the most from your Five9 surveys

Metrics Management

Whether it's Customer Effort Score, NPS or CSAT, the CX Index metrics management tool makes it really easy for you to get set up and get the most value from your metrics

Stakeholder Engagement

Agents can track the level of customer satisfaction that relates to their interactions, providing a clear picture


Data Analysis

The unrivalled Data analysis tools on CX Index are geared towards moving the dial on things that matter like agent engagement, first call resolution and customer effort

Case Management / Social Advocate™

A two-pronged approach means we extract the best possible value from both positive and negative customer situations

Discover great features

CX Index supports over 20 languages and has installations active in over 100 countries

CX Index™ Survey Designer

Designed for high impact and high response rates

CX Index™ Survey Designer makes it really easy to set up and configure key CX metrics


Our Five9 team

Our experts are on hand to ensure you get the best outcomes from CX Index on Five9

Michael Karwicki

Michael heads up the CX Index integration team

Nikki LeFlore

Nikki runs Customer Success and is on hand to ensure you get the best outcomes from the integration

Siobhan Murphy

SIobhan's role is in both Customer Success and Sales

Our team will respond quickly to any questions as customer service is a key feature at CX Index

The Process

How to get going on Five9 with CX Index


Client Selects CX Index for Feedback

Visit and fill in your company data. Follow the instructions and login to the dashboard.

Installation Step 1
Account Information

Provide Your Five9 Integration API credidentials

Remember that the Five9 user will commence Administrator Session and will force log out any Active Session. (Best practice is to have a dedicated user for API Calls)

Installation Step 2
Five9 Integration

CX Index™ Configuration

Survey setup. Configure your email gateway. Set up Social Advocate and configure your company branding.

Installation Step 3
CX Index™ Configuration


Now the CX Index system runs automatically as we gather all of the interaction data from the Five9 Reports API in 5-minute intervals. We check for finished interactions and CX Index sends a survey request via email to customers that completed an interaction with your agents.

Capture Feedback and Start improving CX

CX Results Dashboard

Once the customer responds, the feedback data is processed and integrated with metadata.

Live data
Records arrive in real time and dashboards update hourly

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